Dharma Jewel Monastery, Zen Buddhism Center in Atlanta

Dharma Jewel Monastery (at 2550 Henderson Mill Rd. Atlanta) is an overseas branch of Chung Tai Chan Monastery. It is a half mile from Northlake Mall. Dharma Jewel Monastery invites you to all of our events. We welcome all of you who are seeking peace and true happiness. Half-day meditation retreats and Buddhist ceremonies are offered each month. Zen Buddhism teaches people how to attain inner peace and uncover the inherent wisdom within all of us. By probing into our minds and understanding that our afflictions are caused by our own greed, anger, and ignorance, we can attain unbiased perception of reality and true inner peace.


A. Three Links of Cultivation -- A Principle for Complete Spiritual Practice

I. Beneficence - performing good deeds and services to the monastery and to the public.
II. Sutra Studies - studying the Sutras (Buddhist Scriptures) establishes right views and insight.
III.Meditation - calms, clears, and awakens the mind.

B. The Four Tenets of Chung Tai -- Concrete Guidelines to Practice the Dharma

The profound Chan (Zen) teachings are intimately tied to daily living. The four tenets of Chung Tai are concrete guidelines for practicing Buddhism in daily life:

To our elders be respectful: respect subdues arrogance
To our juniors be kind: kindness dispels anger
With all humanity be harmonious: harmony overcomes rudeness and violence
In all endeavors be true: truthfulness eradicates deceit.

C. The Five Modern Approaches of Propagating Buddhism

It is crucial to preserve the essence of the Buddhist teaching while adapting it to changing environments and modern societies. The Grand Master emphasizes the importance of making connections with the following areas:

    1. Buddhism in Academic Research
    2. Buddhism in Education
    3. Buddhism in Culture and the Arts
    4. Buddhism in Science
    5. Buddhism in Daily Living.

These five approaches adapt to the needs and interests of various people and cultures, open many doors for the discovery of the benefits of Buddhism and lead to the attainment of true liberation.