All our programs are free of charge. We are supported by your generous donations. The Half Day Meditation Retreat is reserved for registered meditation class students only. You can register for other events either online or call us at 770-939-5008.

Schedule: Chinese or English

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12/30/17SatCompassionate Water Repentance Ceremony09:30am-12:00pm
12/31/17SunCompassionate Water Repentance Ceremony09:30am-04:30pm
09/24/17SunGuan Yin Blessing Ceremony09:30am-12:00pm
10/22/17SunGuan Yin Blessing Ceremony09:30am-12:00pm
11/26/17SunGuan Yin Blessing Ceremony09:30am-12:00pm
06/11/17SunHalf Day Meditation Retreat09:30am-12:20pm
10/08/17SunHalf Day Meditation Retreat09:30am-12:20pm
11/12/17SunHalf Day Meditation Retreat09:30am-12:20pm
05/28/17SunMedicine Buddha Gratitude Ceremony09:30am-12:00pm
06/25/17SunMedicine Buddha Gratitude Ceremony09:30am-12:00pm
07/23/17SunMedicine Buddha Gratitude Ceremony09:30am-12:00pm
08/13/17SunMedicine Buddha Gratitude Ceremony09:30am-12:00pm