Abbess classes are great

Abbess’ classes are great. They can be intriguing, funny and always tell the truth. I remember her analogy between learning Buddhism and learning to swim. The instructor teaches many methods and theories for you to learn how to swim. If you never practice, can you learn how to swim? I am guilty on that. I want to have a pure mind, but did not practice meditation frequently. After that class, I started to meditate every day. I become calmer, and less chaotic. It is easier now to control my mind. Frequent meditation helps me focus better. More importantly, being peaceful, I am not easily irritated by others. A peaceful mind is like an ocean, how can it be affected by a small piece of rock?

Without practice, no matter how wonderful the classes are, we will not truly understand the Buddha’s way and attain pure mind. Please include meditation in your daily routine and start experiencing a different life!