Abbot of Chung Tai

Venerable Master Jiandeng

Under the guidance of the Grand Master, Chung Tai Chan Monastery had established a comprehensive system and direction of cultivating and disseminating the Dharma. In 2005, the Grand Master passed on the helm of Chung Tai to our current abbot, the Venerable Master Jiandeng.

Abbot Jiandeng was ordained under the Grand Master in 1991. Through the years, he has solemnly followed the Grand Master’s vow and vision with tenacity, receiving recognition for his compassion and leadership ability. He led the efforts to complete the construction of Pu Tai Senior High School, and the Chung Tai World Museum, expanding the monastic operations in order to promote the Chan practice with the “Five Directions of Spreading Buddhism” established by the Grand Master. Under his leadership, Chung Tai continues to deepen its foundation, bringing the Dharma to communities far and wide..