Class Schedule

All classes are free of charge and open to the public. We are supported by your generous donations. You can register for our classes either online or call us at 770-939-5008.
Dress code: wear comfortable and modest attire and socks. Optional meditation clothing may be borrowed at the monastery.

Schedule: Chinese or English

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01/07 - 04/15Sutra Study Class (Chinese)Sun2:00-4:00
01/11 - 03/29Sutra Study Class (Chinese)Thu10:00-12:00
01/10 - 03/28Sutra Study ClassWed6:30-8:30
01/14 - 03/18Little Jewel Children Meditation Class 11/19,1/14/2018,1/28,2/11,2/25,3/4,3/18Sun2:00-3:30
01/13 - 03/31Level 2 Meditation Class (Chinese)Sat2:00-4:00
01/11 - 03/29Level 2 Meditation ClassThu6:30-8:30
01/13 - 03/31Level 1 Meditation Class (Chinese)Sat10:00-12:00
01/09 - 03/27Level 1 Meditation ClassTue6:30-8:30