How I have built self improvement from daily practice of Buddhism

I was interested in the Buddhist practice because it teaches the path to enlightenment and non-suffering. I was happy to find Dharma Jewel Monastery. The first time I walked into the monastery I was greeted by laypeople and Shifus; I felt very welcomed. I love the structure of the meditation classes.

Through the meditation classes, I realized all the suffering in life comes from my thoughts, which create my reality. I have suffered from anxiety since I was a child. The practice of Samatha has helped me to train my mind and calm my body. In particular, the number counting technique has helped me greatly to calm my “monkey mind” and stay focused.

I moved in the fall of 2020 to a new location. With the new location, came new jobs and new learning experiences. In both jobs, I experienced and learned a lot about non attachment to “praise” and “blame” as we learned in class. Remembering these lessons helped me to not take things personally when I make mistakes and receive corrections from employers–which usually causes stress and suffering. The practice of meditation in the morning helps me to stay focused and calm throughout the day. It’s helped me to be more productive at work and less reactive in my personal relationships.

Learning about non-duality has allowed me to appreciate circumstances as they are without labeling them good or bad. In the mornings before I start my day, I recite the Eight Fold Path and vow to do my best to adhere to the path in my thoughts, speech, and deeds. I am truly grateful to the Buddha and to the Shifus for teaching me how to live a life of peace so that I can receive healing for myself and be a beacon of light for others.