Class Introduction

Meditation & Chan Buddhism Classes

Each class meeting is for two hours, consisting of  guided meditation practice during the first hour, and a lecture on Buddhist principles during  the second hour.
A certificate will be awarded upon full completion of each course.
All classes are free of charge.  Your donations are deeply appreciated.

Level 1:Mindfulness & Fundamentals

20 classes

Prerequisite: No prerequisite. Beginners welcome!

“One-Stick of Incense” meditation experience is recommended.

The meditation portion of the class teaches breath-counting, mindfulness of the breath. Lecture topics include Introduction to Buddhism and Chan(Zen), Karma and Causality, the Four Noble Truths, Three Refuges and Five Precepts.

Level 2:Compassion and Bodhisattva Practices

20 classes

Prerequisites: Completion of Level 1 Meditation Class.

The meditation portion builds on the previous methods and includes compassion contemplation. The lecture topics include the Ten Dharma Realms, Bodhisattva ideal, the six paramitas —the perfection of charity, morality, tolerance, diligence, meditation, and prajna wisdom.

Level 3:Chan Meditation & Advanced Buddhist Contemplation and Practices

40 classes

Prerequisites: Completion of Level 1 & Level 2 Classes.

The meditation portion builds on the Level 1 & 2 methods and includes the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. The lecture topics include the Ten Dharma Realms, Twelve Links of Interdependence, Four Foundations of Mindfulness, and will also studying important texts The Essence of Mahayana Practice and Sutra of the Eight Realizations of Great Beings.

Chan Meditation & Sutra Study Series

Prerequisites: Completion of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Classes.

The meditation portion includes previous and additional meditation methods. The topics are from selected Buddhist scriptures such as The Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters, and The Sutra of Impermanence, etc.