Lamp Offerings

Kindle the light before the Buddha

Extinguish the burning in your heart;

With great perfect wisdom,

I vow to shine on all that is dark.

A lamp offering may be made at any time. It is a way to honor the Buddha while awakening our intrinsic wisdom. Just as the light of the lamp dispels darkness, wisdom dispels ignorance. Just as a single candle may light many other candles, we may then dedicate merits from this offering to those close to us and to all humanity.

According to Buddhist scriptures, one can obtain many benefits by making a lamp offering to the Three Jewels:
1. Good health
2. Clarity of vision
3. Purity of mind
4. Freedom from fear and worries
5. Patience and gentleness
6. Extinction of ignorance
7. Attainment of wisdom
8. Supreme enlightenment

Yearly Lamp Offering

In addition to the above, you are invited to make a Yearly Lamp Offering prior to each New Year. The offering is for Chinese lunar year January 1 to December 31 and is a wonderful way to start your year.