Little Jewel Parent & Child Meditation Class

The path of life is difficult to travel, especially for today’s children. Without the right guidance, it is easy to get lost and travel down the wrong path. Beyond the knowledge learned in school, a proper moral education that teaches the values of respect, compassion, moral discipline and self-mastery is also very important in guiding our children in their path of growth. The children’s meditation classes at DJM aim to provide this much-needed guidance, based on the Buddhist teachings of compassion and wisdom, to our children and their parents. The courses are designed to cover topics that build and develop(a) the positive concepts and views about ourselves and our world,(b) the moral values and conduct that bring benefit and joy to ourselves and others, and (c) effective interpersonal and leadership skills that help to create an environment of peace and harmony.

A jewel represents this pure and awakened mind, a mind that is clear, aware and in perfect command of itself. The ultimate goal of the course is to plant bodhi seeds, the seeds of enlightenment, in our children through the learning and practice of right views and moral discipline. We hope that with proper support and reinforcement, these seeds will grow into attitudes and habits that enable our children to face the challenges in life with patience and gratitude, to relate to others and the world with respect and compassion, and to set healthy goals in life with resolve and wisdom. We hope that through the persistent practice of the Buddhist values introduced in this course, the path of life will turn into a meaningful and joyous learning process that will bring home a bright and prosperous future for our children, and for all beings.

Course Content : meditation, story-telling, games & crafts.

Little Jewels : 5 years old and up 


10:00am–10:30am -Mindful Meditation

10:30am–11:00am  -Story Telling

11:00am–11:30am -Fun Activity